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Ousel Falls Trail: Hiking and Biking in Big Sky, Montana

Walk or bike the Ousel Falls Trail located just south of the Big Sky Town Center. Enjoy a scenic 1.8-mile stretch along the river to breathtaking waterfalls. Connecting the Big Sky Town Center to Ousel Falls Park, the Ousel Falls Trail is a mellow hike on a well-paved path to a stunning waterfall in the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River. A short drive from the Lodge at Big Sky, Ousel Falls Trail leads hikers through a 1.8-mile long stretch through a steep alpine ravine and lush wildflower forests with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, fishing, and picnic areas. Perfect for all ages and levels of hiking, walk, bike, or horseback over to the falls in every season.


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 Open daily from sunrise to 10 pm.


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How do I get to Ousel Fails Trail?

Ousel Falls is located on Ousel Falls Road in Big Sky Town Center, just 8 miles from the Lodge at Big Sky. From the parking area, visitors can follow the trail 0.2 miles to a footpath leading off to the left. Take this left fork about 200 yards to another fork. Again, take the left path which follows along the canyon’s edge. This path will then lead to Ousel Falls on the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River.

Are there easy hikes to Ousel Falls Trail?

Getting to Ousel Falls requires a short, mellow hike, perfect for all levels and children. The trail follows the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River to a stunning waterfall with scenic stops along the way to picnic, pick wildflowers, and enjoy birding.


or The Lodge at Big Sky
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